We are equipped with acoustically treated rooms and high-end recording gear for all of your voiceover needs. Our voiceover studio is located in the Arts District of downtown Portland, Maine.

Maine voiceover actors: Do you need to use an acoustically-treated room? We also offer monthly and annual subscriptions to use our space. You can learn more here.

Recording VO is different than making records. In the music world what someone might call “color” or “life” would often be called “distortion” in the voiceover world. Therefore using an extremely clean preamp is desirable when sending raw wav files for others to mix. Conversely when the VO is meant to be in a finished state a little transformer gain can help the VO cut through the music and avoid the situation where the VO is too loud but not loud enough to be intelligible in the mix.

We often use a Neumann U87 into a Grace Model 101.

The U87 is the classic modern VO mic. The Grace is one of the fastest and transparent preamps in existence. The end result is that one only hears the mic and how it interacts with the VO talent’s voice.

Other Microphones available:

Telefunken ELA M 251E #574, Telefunken U47 #3072, 2x AKG C414 ULS, Neumann TLM 170, 2x Neumann TLM 103, Blue Bottle, Shure SM7b, ElectroVoice RE20

If you are a remote producer recording someone in Maine the Grace preamp is very clean and detailed so you can place your own character on what is recorded. Alternatively we can do all the production and give you a finished master.

What do we do?

  • Radio and TV
  • Dubbing/Automatic Dialog Replacement(ADR)
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcast recording
  • YouTube and Podcast audio repair/sweetening
  • Editing

Producers can patch into the session via Phone, Skype (and other online conferencing programs like Zoom), ISDN, Source Connect, and more.

Tel: (207) 200-5475
Phone Patch: (207) 772-4499

ISDN SPID 1: (207) 761-1191
ISDN SPID 2: (207) 761-1192
Source Connect IDs: thestudio, flyingsound