Rate Sheet

Flying Sound works with your budget and needs. We have rates for everyone on deck and for a skeleton crew. Please email us at booking@flyingsound.net

Details On Rates

This studio is designed for very well-prepared creatives. If you can follow your plan, have practiced a lot and/or have a really solid script and clear goals of what you want then you will wind up paying little. A facility like ours can get a lot of high-end work done in a short amount of time if your preproduction is good. If you don’t have a solid plan or if you are a musician who hasn’t practiced you could waste a lot of money. 

Combined home/studio projects work really well because (if prepared) one can pop in to the studio for an hour or two to bang out some drums or vocals with our room and fancy gear and then take it home to mix in the box

Standard rates which allow for corporate pay schedules (NET15, NET30, NET45)

Session booking fee – $250
On-screen dialog – $400/hr ($250/hr for Canadians and others with an unfavorable exchange rate)
Voiceover – $200/hr, 8hr day rate $1400
Musicians – $100/hr, 10hr day rate $800
Audiobooks – $100/hr + $250/project for tracking (recording — minimum 10 hours) and $200 per finished hour for mixing/mastering

Flying Sound reserves the right to require a deposit

Nonprofits and indie projects waive the session fee and must pay right away for the following rates:

Nonprofit VO rate (public media): $150 first hour, $100 subsequent hours
Local Musicians: $100/hr, 10hr day rate $800 ** subject to audition **
Indie film-makers on-screen dialog: $100/hr ** must be prominently credited **

Payment schedules beyond NET45 — Flying Sound does work with clients with NET60, NET90, and NET 120 pay schedules. The rate is a flat $400/hr with a $250 booking fee regardless of the content. This also must be pre-approved.

Flying Sound reserves the right to impose a fee schedule based on late payments, however we make every effort to help you pay on time and will work with limited budgets. The fee schedule is $200 per 30 days past 60 days of nonpayment. Additionally, if the session was not at the ADR rate it will be brought up to that rate after 90 days

We consider this work to be the time of a skilled engineer, not gear or room dependent so we do not charge extra for use of premium microphones like the Telefunken ELA M 251E. The fees reflect the preparation, clean-up, and delivery time which we believe is best expressed through a fee instead of additional hourly time.

Musician demos!
Work with an intern or engineer-in-training for a bargain!
$40/hr, paid in advance