Aside from hiring us there are a lot of ways you can get a good quality podcast.

Lets start with the simplest: Using your iPhone

I don’t have an Android phone so I won’t try to give instruction but you’ll find something similar.

The first thing to understand is that the iPhone’s voice memo app is actually quite good at getting a good quality recording of someone’s voice. This is how a lot of NPR shows and high-profile podcasts create great-sounding interviews. The trick here is to use an appropriate space and make sure that each person that is being recorded (“tracked”) can hear the rest of the group through earbuds/headphones.

Then find a space like a car parked in a quiet place, a closet full of clothing, a room with a lot of carpet/books/tapestries/upholstry/curtains/etc. You could even do this from under a blanket or create a blanket fort. If your phone allows it, record from the microphone into the app and use the earbuds to call/skype/etc. The trick is to record only the voice of each person on their own voice memo app. you may need to use a 2nd phone for them to connect with other members on the call. You could also do a skype group chat on a laptop with earbuds and use your phone to record in the voice memo app.

On an Apple iPhone the voice memo app changes the sound in a way that, to my ears, sounds like they have lightly processed in a direction I would often go myself. Translation: their algorithms often make a voice sound better. If you also get a nice quiet room around that then you will have a professional sounding recording.

From there use a DAW to mix each of the tracks into a mono or stereo mix