I’ve been a musician all my life. While I regularly behave in the capacity of a recording/mixing engineer combining all the skills I have sets me up as a producer.

What is a producer?

There are many types. There are people that make beats. There are people who write a check and then go golfing for a week straight and receive a bigger check. I am of the type that fits in to your project as an engineer-with-musicial-capabilites to turn your project from song fragments into reality.

Time spent out of the studio makes time spent in the studio far more productive. The engineer can cut fewer corners in regards to fidelity when musicians are say, all able to play in the same room at the same time for example.

In the studio I can help you decide your best vocal take, and how to get there. I can help make decisions and keep the project moving. And I can keep the tape rolling while we do that.

Or, I can stay quiet and be the engineer. I enjoy working with other producers because I learn a lot, particularly when that producer is collectively the band.