Flying Sound was founded by James Curwood in 2009. When James was first starting out he found that good internships are rare. This is an industry that works best with mentorship — there are many details that are hard to learn in a classroom.

It’s very important to find a good mentor because to effectively do audio production one must know as much about the subject as an MD knows about being a doctor. The level of expertise, training, and hands-on experience (clinicals) is the same however thankfully we don’t have to make life-or-death decisions. Just album-suck-or-not-suck decisions.

Audio production is a fascinating field and there is an overwhelming interest in internships. Teaming up with The Studio Portland and WMPG, Flying Sound has created a small internship program. Events are announced on the mailing lists and are the pathway to job shadowing, general internships and eventually (possibly) a career in audio.

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