Selected Discography

(P – Produced, E – Engineer, M – mixed/edited, S – Session Musician, W – Writer, B – Part of band on tour, C – Toured as crew)

The History Channel/Lone Wolf Media D-Day In HD (E, M)

PRI‘s Living On Earth (P, E, M)

Ron Cody (E)

The Uplifters Look Out Now Burning Bush (P, B, S)

Spencer Albee One Two Three (E)

KGFREEZE Hypocrite and Volunteer (E)

Spose (Concert Window concert that caused such a big spike in traffic they had to get more servers)

The History Channel Deadly Sins

Caroline Cotter Il Est Jaune album (E)

Jacobson and Cody Castorina Small Town Famous (E)

The Attic Ends Home (P, E, M)

Dave & Jesse Find Me (single) (P, E, M)

Fredrick Greenhalgh A Journey With Strange Bedfellows (radio drama) (P, E)

Napa Auto Parts Maine commercials (P, E)

NPR Production and VoiceOver mercenary (P, E, M)

Adonis Rising (S – Tenor Sax)

And many more ….