Audio Sweetening

We are available to repair, restore, sweeten, and generally improve your audio.

For audio that needs to be fixed:

  • Forensics/evidence cleanup
  • Mouth noise removal
  • Improvements in clarifications and fixing garbled audio
  • Hiss/Hum/Buzz/Rustle/Wind removal
  • Noise reduction
  • Phone/Skype/etc audio restoration
  • Removing mouth noise
  • and more

For audio that needs to sound really good

We take a musical approach to your audio. Sometimes really good audio is pleasing on its own. Often one of the things that really stands out in an Oscar-nominated film or an Emmy-winning TV show is beautiful-sounding audio. Even if audio isn’t the main priority there is often quite a bit that can be done to improve it. There are many ways to improve clarity, balance, harshness, roomy-ness and other afflictions your audio may suffer from that a film producer might not know even exists. Often audio is the lowest priority in a film production but a professional can often change a lot.