List Of File Transfer Services

A big part of my job is delivering files. In a way, it’s the most important because nothing matters if files aren’t delivered! Also projects can get fairly huge, and transferring those files can be problematic. Let’s dig a little deeper beyond the most common file sharing services like DropBox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Box, and Hightail. I’ll give you a list of the easy-to-use ones and then my favorite at the end.

Additionally there are two types of file sharing services. Let’s call one a “cloud drive” and the other a “file-emailer”. The cloud drive is a place to store your stuff, and you can generally send sharing-emails to those you’d like to receive your files. The “file-emailer” type has a form where you select the file you’d like to send, it uploads, and then automatically sends at the end. For someone in a creative field of delivering files to others the file-emailer type is very useful as you can set up the email with your deliverables and it will immediately send it to your client when it is done uploading. WeTransfer is a file-emailer, while DropBox,, and Google Drive are all “cloud drive”‘s


Smash is a file-emailer and is new to me on the scene here but receives first listing because it is probably the best for your needs. One of the biggest benefits to Smash is that there is no limit to the file size. WeTransfer limits transfers to 2GB, and with the paid version 20Gb. Smash is free for all sizes. Smash also has no ads.




This is my favorite of all the services but by far also the most complicated to set up. This isn’t