ADR Stage

Yes, there is an ADR stage available in Maine!

We have done many productions. Some are listed here. We are experienced in locking to picture, ADR workflows, interacting with high-profile clients and creating excellent-quality audio.

We are located in the Arts District in downtown Portland, Maine by Maine College Of Art.

We use the purpose-built, sound-isolated live room of Studio A

Along with A DPA 4060 lav and AKG 452EB Hypercardoid boom. Sanken and Sennheiser boom mics available upon request

Liv Tyler’s ADR for Ad Astra was recorded by Flying Sound in Portland, ME

For remote connectivity we have Source Connect Pro 3.9, ISDN, Computer connections like Skype, a hybrid phone line, and FaceTime audio/video.

Patrick Dempsey’s ADR for season 1 of Devils was recorded here in Portland as well

Contact us at 207.200.5475 and to learn more