James Alexander Curwood

James Alexander Curwood

Flying Sound Productions was started by James Curwood.

James writes:

The recipe to make a really high quality recording may depend on a lot of factors but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult and expensive. It also doesn’t require high-end gear though I love high-end gear and collecting it is a vice. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to audio and music and have put in the time & effort students do to become an MD with sleepless nights touring, working in the studio, and endless studying. Visiting a good engineer in the studio is like going to a doctor except instead of it being your life on the line it’s your album.

A little background on me: My musical journey started when I was very young but my earliest memories of production are from when I was 9 and crawling under the reel-to-reel recorders at WBUR in Boston. I was watching my father begin his popular radio show “Living On Earth”. In high school I started to play out and finally joined Living On Earth in the summer of ’99. A year later I dropped out of Cornell to tour North America and Europe playing sax with a band based out of NYC called The Uplifters. By this point I had dedicated my life to music and audio.

My job in the music world is to make things sound musical in additional to being technically accurate. In the radio, TV and film world it is to help the narrative of the story move forward through good sound. There are many ways to accomplish these and working in different areas of audio has taught me different tricks in the opposing field that I might otherwise not know. “Film is just radio with pictures” my pulitzer prize winning father Steve Curwood constantly tells me.

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