Post Production / Voiceover

Capabilities include:

  • ISDN
  • Source Connect
  • Phone patch

This is where a lot of post production work gets done

About James Curwood

I have been working in the post production field since 1999 when I started working for the nationally broadcast Living On Earth. While I still do some work for the show today I have been taking unrelated clients in Portland, ME since 2012.

I have full ISDN and SourceConnect capability. There is a landline if the producer wants to phone in. I know what a “mix minus” is, also an M&E. I have worked on many nationally airing TV and radio shows, film productions, major video games and of course more.

Additionally I prefer to use either my vintage Telefunken U47 or ELA M 251 on voiceover sessions. I find they get me further without additional processing to give you a beautiful sound, even if it’s for a commercial for auto parts. It saves on time, too.

Speaking of time, it is not unheard of for us to finish several commercials within the hour. If you have a lot of voiceover work from many different actors you need done for a TV show we can set up a reasonable rate for you to camp out all day to record them.

Speaking of TV shows I know how quickly the turnaround must be for your higher-ups to be happy. It may also be severely delayed. I have templates and expertise (and the highest end gear possible) to get you all the different bounces on schedule & budget so that you can finally go AWOL for a weekend.

I am currently operating out of the former The Studio Portland space:

Flying Sound

45 Casco Street, Suite 100
Portland, ME, 04101

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