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Line Level Inputs: The Difference Between +4 and -10 dBV

+4 dBu line inputs can handle a louder signal and have more headroom. They are found on high-end audio devices and increasingly more modern consumer devices. -10 dBV line inputs are the standard for consumer devices. For many the question is what setting should be used on a device’s line output and that depends on…

A history of the detailed microphones (ELA M 251, U47, C12, M49/M50, U67)

The “Detailed Mics” are a class of five historic microphones that have a few special qualities. The first being that they all have external power supplies instead of phantom power. This greatly increased the headroom because the boxes are not using phantom power which is limited to 48 volts. This is in part because phantom…

A way to get around iOS/iPhone’s annoying autoplay.

If you are like me and have your iPhone tethered to your car you will have noticed that iTunes likes to play the first song in your library when it forgets what you were doing last. Additionally the next few songs tend to be the same as well. While I don’t know why they haven’t…


The Fogcutters in the studio

The Fogcutters recently recorded with us and made this video. We used all of our inputs for this session!

Live At The Studio Portland – The Other Bones

The Other Bones recently came to The Studio to do a live recording, check it out!  


I am very proud to have helped out a little for this album! Way to go!

My nerd quest is complete

Here it is, the Telefunken ELA M 251 The capsule is original to the mic and the sound blows me away! It instantly became my go-to instrument mic because I feel like it gets me where I want to be without using plug-ins roughly half the time and is detailed and full-bandwidth. It has rounded…

A new member of my family

I got an original Telefunken-branded U47. It’s got all of the trappings I wanted, the more recent capsule but original transformer and VF14 vacuum tube. It was Frank Sinatra’s favorite mic, he would sometimes refuse to use anything else. I’ve been told he called it “My Tele”. It was also a favorite of George Martin…