There’s a new way to work with others on audio projects in Pro Tools called Cloud Collaboration. What this basically means is that you can save a session to the cloud and others can open it and work in the session at the same time you are. One person in Hong Kong can be writing vocal volume automation while someone in New York tracks guitar to the same session.

Now that Pro Tools has the highly requested track freeze function this means studios and individuals can work even more efficiently than before. One could have a band live in all different parts of the world and record daily.

Avid had been losing me gradually over the past several years as features were slow to arrive. I’ve been working in Sonar a bunch of the past few weeks and the way that recording over an already-existing region automagically creates a hidden playlist underneath it is really convenient. However, it seems like Avid has had a focus on stability and efficiency following their migration from the DAE to focused on stability and efficiency recently which I appreciate very much. This new feature is quite a step forward in workflow.

If you want Tenor/Soprano sax, Bass or mixing on your track and you are working in PT 12.5 give me a buzz and we can figure something out. I’d like to test it out!