I’ve been using apple since I was 4 but over the last 5 years or so I’ve noticed an incredible amount of bugs and poorly thought out features that I can no longer think of modern OS X as a serious platform for professional work.

Their Priorities can be seen in one feature. Short background: as a former New Yorker I love to walk everywhere and didn’t have a car for several years. I finally got a car and the first song to play was À cause des garçons by Yelle. Great. Except that’s the song that plays EVERY SINGLE TIME I get in if am connected to bluetooth.

There are no settings to change this. I cannot pick a different app to automatically start nor can I pick a playlist at least. Nor does it play a different song every time. It is always the cheerful intro of À cause des garçons

This has been a problem since at least 2011 when results start popping up in google for this very problem. “iphone plays same song in car” returns “About 1,790,000 results” for this google query. So why haven’t Apple fixed this?

Because their philosophy changed. The “It Just Works” tagline is gone, because they are trying to replace devices as fast as possible. A professional environment requires consistency and stability but this one 6+ year old bug that affects so many that isn’t addressed spells out to me that the company is no longer worth trusting with my career.

Part 2 to come. How Linux can save us all (audio engineers).